Our production facility is in Italy’s Lombardy region. This region has a high concentration of the small- and medium-size companies widely recognized as the backbone of Italy’s industrial economy and renowned world-wide for their expertise and quality.
The advanced technology plant and machinery in our production facility are state-of-the-art. Ongoing investment programs ensure that things will stay that way.
Technology and efficiency are the two factors driving our production departments where a high level of automation ensures the highest levels of quality and flexibility.
In the production of colors and dyes, all operations from grease melting through to tube filling are performed in a total vacuum to ensure a constant high quality. Filling is followed by real-time printing of the sticker, fully automated, high-speed cartonning in cardboard or PVC packaging and automatic palletizing. The process is electronically controlled and the vacuum machines are operated to ensure that the product never comes into contact with air or other oxidizing agents.
Quality control procedures are implemented at each stage of production:
* On arrival, raw materials are tested on advanced-technology spectrometers.
*Before filling starts, a product sample is taken and checked against the production specification. The sample is then stored for five years.
* Each individual filling operation is preceded by rigorous testing and cross-checking with the production standards stored on single machines.
Each color is tested on natural locks and real models.
Automation of the production process combined with maintenance and control of each single production step guarantee constant quality and production efficiency.
We can work multiple shifts when required to fulfil customer requirements and maintain delivery deadlines.
The disposal of process and production waste is strictly controlled and subject to the control of environmental protection and waste disposal agencies in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations.
We invite all our customers to visit our production facility so that they can see for themselves the high quality of our production processes and the efficiency of our organization.