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All our products incorporate the latest technical advances. That is why they are called ‘professional’. These are our flagship products renowned world-wide for their excellent reliability and very high quality.

Over the years we have developed numerous coloring formulations: oxidizing, ammonia-free, resorcinol-free, paraphenylenediamine (PPD)-free, direct colorings, tone-on-tone and enhancers to name but a few.

Formulations are available in various consistencies: powder, cream, gel, oils and emulsions

We have developed over 600 shades to meet practically all customer needs. Our colors range from the ice blonde characteristic of Nordic people right through to the very dark hair coloring of Asians and South Americans.

Even our technical products such as permings, straighteners and wavers have been designed and produced to meet the needs of customers of various ethnicity.

These products are all designed for use in conjunction with complementary products such as mousse, preparatory lotions and special shampoos. Complementary products enhance the effects of other products and mean that we can offer the customer a truly complete service.